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Though Poker Omiqq is so popular in US, some people are still questioning about the originated place of this card game as one of the oldest gambling games.

The Originated of Poker Omiqq was From Europe

There are so many gambling games in the world using different tools and card is the most popular one. Talking about card, Poker Omiqq is the well-known gambling game which is so popular in US. Though it is popular, there are so many people are still questioning about the originated place of this card game.

Where was Poker Omiqq Found

The game you already know about though you don’t do gambling, Poker Omiqq, is believed as one of the oldest games in the world which is having the ancient roots for up to 1,000 years. This game is believed as the card game which has been acrossed countries, cultures and continents. The historians also said that the origin of this card game was basically traced to domino game which was played in 10th-century by Chinese emperor. Some might said that it is the descendant of Persian game and known as “As Nas”.

As Nas was played in 16th century. The closest predecessor of this game is known as Poque which was found in France back in 17th century. Meanwhile in France, it was named as Poque, in Germany, it was known as Pochen which was similar with Spanish game called Primero. In Primero, the game was featured by 3 cards and the player must deal it and they could do bluffing which was the high bet on the poor card.

This was the important part of game and the French colonists took and brought the Poque to North America before known as Poker omiqq aduq .