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You can’t deny anymore if Poker is the best game but what you need to realize that, there are some unique facts about this game you never know before.

Facts About Poker Based on Its History

Every game has its own story and the older the game is, the more stories can be found inside it. The world-famous poker is no exception because this game has so much to tell. As the player, you just know the front page of this game but those who are so curious about will search for the facts most people didn’t know before. Some facts have relation with its long history after the creation of this game.

The Facts of Poker You Didn’t Know Before

As you know, poker started its career as the professional gambling game in New Orleans just like cocktails and jazz music. No one knows the exact date or moment of the first hands were played, some historians believe the game people know now was developed and created back in 1800s in Louisiana Territory. The French name “poque” was changed based on the English speaker right after Louisiana Purchase in 1803. However, there is another fact that you still have no clue about it.

You know now the total cards being used in this game are 52 cards in a deck. However, who knows if this game was once played with 20 cards only. The early creation of this game, the most common game was played using 20 cards in one deck and only 4 people maximum played this game.

It means, one player held 5 cards and they just bet to decide who had the perfect hand to win poker. The 52 cards in normal deck was played for the first time in 1834 until now.